Why Outline?

Over the Sumer we’ve had some help from a college student here at the shop and before she travels back to school. She wanted a moth tattooed in hues of blue (and only using blues) on her forearm. Now, I know some pretty intense dudes, but there is nothing scarier than explaining to a teenage girl that she can’t have exactly what she wants – I digress. 

There are so many really cool looking monotone tattoos out there right now, but chances are in a few years they will begin to fall apart. Overtime, your tattoos will change some as our skin naturally stretches as we age or more so with fluctuations in our weight. To slow down that process you will want to take good care of your investment by keeping it moisturized and protected from the sun. Another important step to ensuring your tattoo looks good for years to come is utilizing outlines to help the art maintain its shape. You’re not going to want that tattoo omelet down the road, so do it right in the beginning – even a thin black outline will make a huge difference when the colors fade with time.